All our products are manufactured in accordance with the international standards, which in turn have dramatically increased our penetration and adaptability in the global economy.


Made to perfection, superior in quality and high in fashion, all our Men's Wear are designed keeping in mind the changing trends and patterns of the international industry. Our products are custom made to meet the requirements of our clients. We endeavor to offer a platform through our products, where our tailored solutions meet our clients' individual and specific needs. We value our people as the most important asset and emphasize shared responsibility for employee growth and development

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Our Ladies wears have touched the maximum level of creativity in fashion. We supply an exclusive collection ranging from derby frocks to gowns and from mini skirt to long or pencil skirt. Each garment is designed with accuracy blending fashion with a feminine look. The varieties seems to be unending in ladies wear. We combine expertise and creative imagination to deliver our outstanding collection of Ladies wear with unique textures, designs and colors.

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Our collection of Kids wear is cute and comfy. They come in sport weight or worsted weight yarn. They are available in variety of sizes and colors and can be made to order. Each piece is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality and design reaches the market. Our team of experts maintains a strict vigil on the manufacturing process to maintain highest quality standards.

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