Fashion is all about staying ahead of the curve in designs, ideas and styles. It's all about adding that little something! Years of developing clothing for several international brands and our deep knowledge of the skill sets of the garment industry combined with our ability to get the best out of every market has helped us develop a strong and continuously creative Design and product development.

  • Keep track of fresh fabric ideas
  • Create design and style based on current trends
  • Develop new fabrics
  • Develop washing & treatment techniques with constant innovation
  • Try a finish that's novel
  • Execute an innovation in embroidery, applique or print

Implement unique styling or treatment features during sampling. This is made possible in house product, design & graphic team. This team includes of designers, pattern makers and artists. This to make sure that our partners stay ahead.


The apparel industry has always been notorious for seasonal fluctuations, product adjustments and sudden anomalies in demand and supply requirements. As a result, there's relentless pressure on price, lead time and quality. Our constant interactions with some of the most demanding brands in the business, has enhanced our merchandising capabilities to product development with speed and deftness. Synchronizing and orchestrating the production plan by coordinating with diverse vendors located in multiple geographies can be complex task. We have a well-entrenched and well-oiled network of internationally-rated, vertically-integrated:

  • Our mission - systems to track, monitor and create time & action plans.
  • Designating dedicated teams to plan and perform process orientation
  • Continuous monitoring of the transition from idea to product
  • Integration of client profiles with suitable factories.
  • Follow a highly evolved quality policy.
  • With strong work ethics, environment consciousness and social responsibility.
  • Attuned to delivering a great product in reasonable lead time.
  • Competitive prices, impeccable finish & consistent value.


Quality control is an integral part of our manufacturing process starting from raw materials through final product packaging. Our advanced process control techniques ensure dimensional accuracy and mechanical integrity of our products. We have a quality control department to stringently check the products at each level of manufacturing process. We ensure prompt deliveries of high quality products. Stringent quality control measures ensure that all the products are flawless. We undertake inspection on the quality of the products and run regular checks on the products.

Our mission greatly relies on the quality policy that we are committed to. Our quality objectives prescribe that we:

  • Adapt and improve upon internationally recognized quality assurance system.
  • Upgrade our machines, systems, techniques and processes to meet the ever
  • Changing demands of quality and cost.
  • Plan and execute to ensure timely delivery of products.
  • Work towards establishing transparent management information system.
  • Train and motivate all our personnel to work as a team towards producing better results.
  • To identity and understand the changing market / customer's requirements
  • Timely delivery and being cost-effective by planning and controlling the process.
  • To be innovative and to meet any challenges
  • An environment of being responsible to the society
  • Conducive to learning and guiding all our suppliers towards continuous improvement
  • How Do We Ensure Success
  • Develop a bridge between the customers and supply chain


At Silverspoon it's our responsibility to make sure that our partners rest easy once they have placed the business with us. This credo percolates from product to point of delivery. We strive to provide a stress-free sourcing environment with minimal risk as we have the systems in place:

  • Sharp-focused strategic planning.
  • Meticulous documentation.
  • Advanced information systems.
  • Prompt notification of schedules.
  • Proactive crisis management.